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Puerto Vallarta a paradise.

Puerto Vallarta a paradise.

Thursday, 10 April 2014 20:00 Rate this article
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Welcome to Puerto Vallarta Blog written by wet & wild gay cruise. here you will find many articles about the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta and on the activities carried out in wet & wild gay cruise.

Formerly known as Puerto las peñas, Puerto Vallarta has steadily grown thanks to its tourism, its rich landscapes but mostly for its warm people who always offer a hand and a big smile, no doubt, Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful destination. It's small, so it is perfect for tourists and visitors a great place to live without any doubt. In Puerto Vallarta is impossible not to see the beauty surrounding it in every corner, something different and unique that will surprise, a great boardwalk along the shore alive, not to mention the famous statues and appear clear our icon a boy riding the seahorse, on the boardwalk can do endless things like bicycling, jogging, walking the dog etc., etc., we also include security round the clock, this makes Puerto Vallarta a city with almost no crime in our own experience I think must be the most peaceful city of Mexico and that is why many tourists, Americans and Canadians come to spend a pleasant holiday, they are welcome and they know it. Wet & wild.

Written by: Eduardo Cortes.

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